Question 8 If the Debit and Credit column totals of a trial balance are equal

on a trial balance, if the debit and credit column totals are equal, then:

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The Greener Landscape Group’s trial balance for April 30,20X2 appears below. An error has occurred when total debits on a trial balance do not equal total credits. There are standard techniques for uncovering some of the errors that cause unequal trial balances.

Example Account Balance: Cash on Hand

For example, the columns in a trial balance agree when transactions are not journalized or when journal entries are not posted to the general ledger. Similarly, recording transactions in the wrong accounts does not lead to unequal trial balances. Another common error a trial balance does not catch happens when a single transaction is posted twice. The trial balance is a useful tool, but every transaction must be carefully analyzed, journalized, and posted to ensure the reliability and usefulness of accounting records. Once all ledger accounts and their balances are recorded, the debit and credit columns on the trial balance are totaled to see if the figures in each column match each other.

on a trial balance, if the debit and credit column totals are equal, then:

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Sample Trial Balance Report | Trial Balance Report Example

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This post-closing trial balance contains the beginning balances for the next year’s accounting activities. The Trial Balance Report is a worksheet listing the balance at a certain date, of each G/L Account in two columns; debits and credits. The trial balance thus serves as a tool to detect errors, which can result in the totals not being equal. Often credits will be represented as a negative, in which case the total of the trial balance should be 0. A successful trial balance notwithstanding, accountants will still check carefully for the other kinds of accounting errors that do not impact a trial balance.

How the Trial Balance is Used in a Consolidation

Companies can use a trial balance to keep track of their financial position, and so they may prepare several different types of trial balance throughout the financial year. A trial balance may contain all the major accounting items, including assets, liabilities, equity, revenues, expenses, gains, and losses. All three of these types have exactly the same format but slightly different uses. The unadjusted trial balance is prepared on the fly, before adjusting journal entries are completed. It is a record of day-to-day transactions and can be used to balance a ledger by adjusting entries.

Which of the following is correct about trial balance?

Trial balance is prepared with the help of ledger account. All the balances from each of ledger account is taken in a list in the debit and credit column. Both the sides of trial balance must be equal as accounting is based on the double entry system of accounting. Was this answer helpful?